The J.O.Y (Justice & Outreach Year) of Formation is an experiential learning program that links Catholic Social Teaching with the real-life challenges experience by people living on the margins.

During 10 weekend sessions (Sept. - June), participants will explore various issues of social justice including: ​


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"Joy is love,

      joy is prayer,

          joy is strength"

Mother Teresa, A Simple Path.

 - Human Dignity

 - Refugees

 - Indigenous Experience

 - Anti-poverty

 - International Dev.'t, Economic Injustice & Peace

 - Health & Elder Care

 - Hunger & Food

 - Restorative Jusitce

 - Youth & Family

 - Care of the Earth & Ecological Justice

By visiting local service agencies, meeting with those who work in these social justice fields and being with the people they serve, participants are given an opportunity to broaden the undertanding of the issues at hand and become equipped with the skills to engage in service outreach. 

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